Saturday, August 8, 2015

toddler time: setting sail

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a sailboat! What color is it?

I also have a sailor’s hat to wear!

I passed out paper boats to all the kids & we did our weekly rhyme.

Put your boat UP, put your boat DOWN
Hold your boat and turn around!
Put your boat UP, put your boat DOWN
Put your boat down on the ground.

Fun Boat Song:

I absolutely love this fun song from Jbrary!!

Have you ever seen a sailboat, a sailboat, a sailboat
Have you ever seen a sailboat
Waving its sail?
Wave this way and that way
And that way and this way
Have you ever seen a sailboat waving its sail?

Other Verses: Rocking back and forth

Books We Read: 
Boat Works- Slaughter
Row, Row, Row Your Boat- Ellwand

Flannel Story: Riding Around in my Little White Boat  

First, I put some dark blue waves on my flannel board. Then, I put up each boat one at a time.

Riding around in my little white boat
Riding around in my little white boat
Riding around in my little white boat
Zoom zoom zoom zoom SPLASH!

What color is our next boat?

Repeat for yellow, red, green. 
Then count all the boats together!

Craft #1: Sailor puppets

I purchased these cute digital stamps on etsy & printed them on white cardstock for the kids to color & attach a popsicle stick.

Craft #2: Pool Noodle Boats (see green boat in first pic)

We did this craft last summer and I had tons of leftover supplies. It was so fun, I decided to do it again. It's so easy and you can float them in your pool or bathtub! See my earlier boat themed post here for more info.

Both sessions were very well attended and lots of fun! Lots of positive feedback from parents this week on the theme. One mom told me that she's an occupational therapist and she's been stealing my craft ideas so that was nice to hear!

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