Tuesday, August 11, 2015

teenage mutant ninja turtles party

Every summer, I try to throw a party that somehow relates to our SRP theme. Since my three year old nephew is totally into the Ninja Turtles right now, I thought a Turtle party sounded perfect for Every Hero Has a Story!

Two library staff members did a beautiful job decorating our room using green streams and colorful balloons.

Unfortunately, there are not many great TMNT books to read aloud, but I found a couple I could use. I also made a cute "BINGO style" pizza flannel board, which I found on Storytime Katie's blog. I also read a book about pizza: Hi, Pizza Man by Virginia Walter which is one of my all time favorite read alouds. While not exactly ideal, this worked out ok because the books would not be the stars of this program. 

I needed a fun, easy craft idea and settled on two. A turtle mask that I printed off the internet onto white card stock and a TMNT necklace similar to the one we did at my Minions party a few months ago.

I cut the face shapes from green foam sheets. I printed the little masks on my color printer. Each child got two masks so they could have a double sided necklace. I pre-punched holes so they could just attach a long lanyard. Super easy!

I really needed some fun games since my books were not the greatest. First, I hid paper pizza slices all over the room & hallway. When they found a slice, they had to "Feed the Turtle" (made from a cardboard box!)

We also did "Pin the Pepperoni on the Pizza" which was fun and easy to do. I just printed my pizza using an image off the internet and it looked so real! The pepperoni are just round circles of red paper.



My favorite game was "Throw a Ninja Star". Another fantastic idea from Pinterest! One of my fabulous co-workers folded a bunch of these pretty paper stars for us. The kids tried their hands at tossing them into a plastic bucket. They loved this game so much that everyone wanted to keep a star to take home!

We had some small prizes of course: lollipops and TMNT stickers.

This was a very popular program and registration filled up very quickly. Most of the people signed up actually showed up and the few "no show" spots were filled easily. Although the books were not so great, the fun crafts and games really made this program a hit!

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