Tuesday, August 11, 2015

preschool fun: wonderful Wonder Pets

is it totally obvious by all the posts today that I am trying to catch up before I leave on vacation?

anyway, back to work...

Another superhero related program for preschoolers today starring the Wonder Pets! 

My niece was obsessed with this show when she was little! This tiny trio is pretty cute so it seemed like a great idea to tie them into our Hero SRP theme. I read some other "non Wonder Pets" books about heroes and being brave so it wouldn't get too boring.

Books We Read:
Chickens to the Rescue- Himmelman (love this one & it appeals to a wide age group)
I am So Brave- Krensky (cute and really illustrates the meaning of "brave" for kids)
Brave Squish Rabbit - Battersby (sweet!)
Oh So Brave Dragon- Kirk (fun to read and roar together)
Good Night, Wonder Pets - Selig (nice short rhyming text)
Save the Tree - Frazier (similar to an episode of the show)

Let Everyone Clap Hands Like Me
Two Little Blackbirds
Purple Stew
Dance Your Fingers
Sticky Bubblegum

Flannel Board: Wonder Pets Match Up

I made capes & hats for Ming Ming, Tuck and Linney and we tried to dress them in the right outfits by asking questions like who wears the red cape or does Linney wear the aviator hat? Very fun!

Craft: Wonder Pet Flags

I found this printable on Making Learning Fun.com. They have a bunch of stuff for the Wonder Pets and suggested using this printable with pencils but I thought straws would work fine too (and save $$). I printed the flags on white card stock for the kids to color and cut, then we taped them to straws. The kids did a great job!

We had another small but very attentive group today of about 5 kids. Seriously considering phasing out the preschool program at the end of the year to concentrate on the more highly attended classes for babies and toddlers. 

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