Tuesday, August 11, 2015

captain underpants party

This month, we decided to plan a program celebrating the silly hero of Dav Pilkey's young readers: the one and only Captain Underpants!

We began the silliness with the reading of several stories about -- what else? UNDERWEAR, of course!

Next up, we passed out name tags for all the participants using the Professor Poopypants Name Changer

Before each participant entered the program room, we asked them to write their full name on one side of the tag. Library staffers translated the names while I read the underwear themed books. This may have been my favorite part of the whole program because hearing the names called out loud was just hilarious! Here's my nametag:

While everyone decorated their new name tags, we also passed out a packet with crosswords, mazes, coloring pages printed from the Scholastic Captain Underpants website. Each child also received a pair of paper undies to design anyway they liked. We hung all the underpants on a clothesline in the hall and everyone voted on their favorite pair. The winner received a backpack filled with awesome prizes! 

What's a party without a few games? We had a Toilet Paper Tower Game where kids tried to knock a stuffed bear off the tp rolls using bean bags. 

We also transformed my white plastic clothes hamper into Turbo Toilet 2000. I brought in a bunch of my husband's white socks to toss into the "toilet". Just for fun, I told the kids that they were dirty, stinky socks which elicited many loud groans of disgust! The kids really enjoyed the games and one boy even remarked that the socks didn't really smell that bad after all LOL! (I found this party game idea on pinterest, where they suggested using real white underpants, not socks.)

We had about 17 kids attend our party; not bad for early August which is prime vacation time here. We got a wide range of ages and lots of boys, but a few brave girls, too! 

Everyone had a really great time! I gave everyone 3 prizes just for participating but there were still some tears and disappointment after the winner of the Silly Underpants Contest was announced and took possession of the coveted backpack. 

I'm especially proud of the fact that the only thing we actually purchased for this program was one sheet of white poster board for the Turbo Toilet. Everything else was stuff we had on hand in the branch or at home which is amazing!!! A fun program and inexpensive, too!!

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