Monday, July 6, 2015

baby & me: a 4th of july celebration!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a ball! 

What colors can we see? I see RED, WHITE & BLUE!

Here is something else that is red, white & blue: our flag!

What is red? 
What is white?
What is blue? what is blue?
What has many stars? 
What has lots of stripes?
It’s our flag! It’s our flag!
(tune: Are You Sleeping?)

Books We Read: 
Baby Parade- O’Connell (I used this once a loooong time ago & truly forgot how much I loved it. We wave to the baby on each page and its very fun!)

I wanted a book about the colors in our theme this week but I was short on time as usual! I found a post about July 4th storytime photo card ideas here @ Mel’s Desk and decided to make my own little cards/mini book. I just printed my images onto card stock. It was kind of like making a flannel board without any felt or small pieces.

On each page, I named the featured color and we named the items that were pictured there. 

After we discussed red, white and blue, we named some things that were all three colors, including the flag. 

My homemade mini book really worked well for me today and I would try it again someday!

Flannel Story: Fireworks, Fireworks (tune: Twinkle Twinkle)

I found this cute song here but there are lots of great patriotic songs, fingerplays and flannel board ideas for this theme out there!

Fireworks, fireworks fill the sky
Shining on the fourth of July.
See them shoot up, see them flare!
See them light up everywhere.
Fireworks, fireworks fill the sky,
Shining on the Fourth of July.

I used glue and glitter on black felt to make some fireworks. They kind of look like spiders! Anyway, I placed them on the board as I sang this song, saving the red, white and blue one for the big finish!!

We had a ton of babies today and for the first time ever, I skipped the hello song! I just could not imagine singing to everyone in the room so we began with “hello bubble” instead. I hate that I did this. I’m having a difficult time adjusting to the large class size and feeling slightly overwhelmed. Once I make a little "no chatting" announcement and I get the class started, everything is great though. Most parents were really cooperative and the talking was not too bad. 

Another fun theme! Lots of the kids were wearing patriotic colors and seeing fireworks and parades this week so it was really good timing!

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