Friday, June 26, 2015

toddler time: Max & Ruby!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found MAX! And here is his sister, RUBY! 

What kind of animals are Ruby & Max? 
Thank goodness for the cute little girl who yelled out "BUNNIES!" Most of the kids did not seem to recognize these two.

If you were a bunny, what would you need? 
"WHISKERS!" someone shouted. Yes, long whiskers, big white ears and a puffy white tail! I put on some bunny ears I had in my office.

We passed out bunny tails topped with a little bit of a cotton ball to all the kids and did our weekly rhyme:

Put your bunny tails UP, put your bunny tails DOWN
Hold your bunny tails and turn around!
Put your bunny tails UP, put your bunny tails DOWN
Put your bunny tails down on the ground.

Books We Read: 
Max Drives Away- Wells (great!)
Ruby’s Tea for Two- Wells (fun!)
Max’s Breakfast- Wells (save for next time!)
Ruby’s Rainy Day- Wells (ditto)

Flannel Story: Hide & Seek with Ruby & Max

Ruby & Max are playing hide & seek
Is someone hiding behind the toy box?
Lets take a peek!
It's Max!

Check all the hiding places for Max & Ruby!

The kids were great at yelling out the name of the bunny as we looked under each object. When we got to the last one, I asked them to raise their hand depending on whether they thought it was Max or Ruby under the TV. BUT it was a trick; they were both hiding there together! So everyone was right.

This is a great flannel board to fall back on when you need something quick and easy because you can play hide & seek with virtually anyone! Elmo, Pete the Cat, Curious George, etc. I use this a lot!

Craft: Bunny Ears and Puppets

Rosemary Wells has a great website that gave me most of these ideas! She has printable bunny ears and bunny tails! The tails are for a game of Pin the Tail on Max. I printed Max & taped him to the wall in case kids wanted to try it but everyone seemed to keep their bunny tails to bring them home. Maybe I'll try it next time.

I also printed Max & Ruby puppets for the kids to color. 

Today was fun! Lots of kids but not as many as last week. Craft was easy to pass out and the bunny hats were so adorable! 

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