Friday, June 19, 2015

toddler time: daddy & me

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a baseball cap and also a necktie. Who wears hats & ties? Lots of people but maybe your DAD or GRANDPA or UNCLE does?

We passed out colorful ties and hats to all the kids and did our weekly rhyme:

Put your ties & hats UP, put your ties & hats DOWN
Hold your ties & hats and turn around!
Put your ties and hats UP, put your ties & hats DOWN
Put your ties & hats down on the ground.

Books We Read: 
Daddy & Me- Katz (great & ties perfectly to our craft)
BIG BRAVE Daddy – Coh (fun to read and I love the message!)
Daddy Hug- Warnes (really love this one but we ran out of time today)

Flannel Story: What Daddy Wore 

So this whole idea for today’s theme started last month at my Mother’s Day program. One of my regular dads said he hoped Dads would be getting a day to celebrate them as well & I thought he was completely right! 

There are so many great books about dads, but it was a little harder to find good flannel boards. I found this cute and easy one about ties here on Storytime Secrets. Then, I started reading that ties really aren’t the best thing for Father’s Day since some dads don't wear them. So I added in baseball caps too! And my craft is about tools so I’m trying to include all kinds of dads! 

Anyway, this felt board was about ties & I changed it up to include hats, too!

First, I introduced my clipart dad & put him on the flannel board along with a white felt shirt and we sang…

Daddy wore a white shirt, white shirt, white shirt. 
Daddy wore a white shirt all day long!

Then we decided he needed a hat too so…

Daddy wore a red hat, red hat….

Then, we just kept mixing up the hat colors and tie colors. I flipped the red tie over for a silly polka dot tie. Then, we added a funny hat to match. 

I didn't get to the sparkly gold tie, maybe next time!

Craft: I’ll Be Your Helper Tool

This cute printable about tools was online (the website is HERE) so I printed them on card stock. I separated them so the kids could color them, cut them out and give them to dads, grandfathers, etc. 

I printed a ton so kids could do as many as they liked and thank goodness I did because this was my biggest toddler time EVER! It was a ton of kids waiting at the beginning but once I started the class, more and more families continued to arrive. People I hadn’t seen in months came in, along with many of our regulars and some totally new kids. People were pretty good and luckily, we had enough of everything. Except seats I guess! But we made it work. If attendance continues like this I may have to offer 2 sessions. It was insane. 

I loved the books for today's theme and the craft was cute!

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