Tuesday, June 16, 2015

preschool fun: perfectly purple

Today’s theme was the COLOR PURPLE

This is the FINAL program in my Preschool Colors Series. It’s been fun but I am kind of looking forward to a little more freedom and less restrictive themes for a while! Purple was one of the most difficult colors to find books, flannel boards and crafts for, but I'm very happy with the end result.

Books We Read:
Go Go Grapes- Sayre
Harold and the Purple Crayon- Johnson (long for my kids! I read it 1st)
Sally and the Purple Socks- Bechtold (silly!)
Jamberry- Degan
The Purple Little Bird- Foley
Night Owl- Yuly

Flannel Story: Harold’s Other Crayons from Storytime Secrets

Puppet Story: Purple Popsicle, Purple Popsicle, What Do You See?

I printed some clipart of different purple things and put them on popsicle sticks for a PURPLE version of Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Purple Popsicle, Purple Popsicle, what do you see?
I see a purple flower looking at me!
Purple flower, Purple Flower, what do you see?
I see a ….

It was a great way to introduce the purple theme!

Song: Purple Stew

This song is great with almost any color but when your theme is purple, you can't skip the Purple Stew.

Have you ever made purple stew before?
You need a big bowl and don't forget your spoon to stir it.

We're making a purple stew, whip whip, whip whip
we're making a purple stew, shooby dooby doo
woth purple potatoes and purple tomatoes 
and even a purple YOU!

I let the kids suggest the next couple of colors but I like to end with RAINBOW stew!

Craft: Purple Flowers and Popsicles

2 crafts for the kids today.

#1: I cut some purple popsicle shapes. Each child got two to color, then we glued a jumbo craft stick in the middle. We gave him wiggle eyes and a smile too.

#2: I printed some flowers on purple cardstock. The kids colored them & cut them out, then we taped them to green pipe cleaners.

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