Thursday, June 11, 2015

baby & me: little heroes

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found SUPER DOG!

I made SUPER DOG from an old sock puppet that my husband was saving in the den. I just gave him a cape and a mask and a star on his chest.

(SUPER DOG has an evil twin brother named MEAN MAX who I will be posting about very soon!)

SUPERDOG sang “I’m a Superhero” for all the babies. He must have learned this adorable song from the lovely ladies at Jbrary! 

I’m a superhero, here’s my star!
I help people near and far!
If you have a problem call on me!
I’ll be there in 1 2 3!

Soooo cute! Then, of course SUPERDOG had to take a moment to promote summer reading at the library and the cute little sippy cups we're giving away!!!

Books We Read: 
Superhero Me- Katz (great!)
Super Chicken – Purcell (love it!!)

Flannel Story: Where Is Super Chicken?

After finishing Purcell’s book, I told everyone that Super Chicken was hiding behind one of these 4 shapes.

Is Super Chicken hiding behind the orange rectangle? How about the green triangle? ETC., until you find him!

A nice class although my attendance continues to dwindle. We did have 2 new babies this week but the total was about 10. One thing that I have never seen before is a mother manicuring her baby's nails for almost the entire session!!!! At first I thought she was doing her own but I was wrong!

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