Friday, June 12, 2015

flannel friday: super hero puppet idea

Like many other libraries out there, we kicked off our summer reading program this week! In an extra push to promote our awesome hero theme and boost our stats, I decided to incorporate that theme into this week's Baby and Toddler programs. 

I found a song on Jbrary called I'm a Superhero that seemed perfect for a puppet so I decided to make my own. But I needed something super simple and quick at the last minute, as usual!

front view

back view

I took an old dog sock puppet that I stole from my husband a few years back but anything you have on hand will do. (This guy was actually from an old pet supply website that went out of business but he was in a lot of cute commercials.) 

I named him Superdog (so original, right?) and created a very simple mask and cape from some felt. 

Here is a link to Jbrary's adorable video of "I'm a Superhero".

(Jbrary also has another cute video that I have to post called "Superhero, Superhero".)

I also needed a villain for one of my upcoming preschool programs. Lucky for me, it turns out that Superdog happens to have an evil twin brother named Mean Max who loves dog bones and wants to steal them all for himself and never share! (I wanted him to be a bad guy but nothing too scary for the little ones!) I easily can turn my puppet into Mean Max by removing his felt star (attached with velcro) and replacing the "S" on his cape with double "M"'s. 

I think it's going to be a fun summer! I just love this theme. Thanks for reading!

evil Max is star-less

Max's cape


  1. Super Dog and Mean Max are perfect! I am loving this theme as well. The response from the kids is just amazing! Have fun...or have a super summer! (lame...but I can't stop myself) ~ jane