Thursday, June 25, 2015

baby & me: this little bear

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a bear!! What does a bear say?

Books We Read: 
Ten in the Bed- Ellwand
Mama’s Little Bears- Tafuri
Can You Say It Too: Growl, Growl- Nosy Crow/Braun

Flannel Story: This Little Bear

I found this rhyme in Baby Storytime Magic by Kathy MacMillan. SOOOO many great ideas there! This one is kind of like "This Little Piggy Went to Market" but with bears! So I found some cute bear clipart to make a flannel board & it worked great! 

You can probably use my bears to get an idea of how the rhyme goes but if you need the text and do not have access to this book, send me an email. Due to copyright, I didn't feel right about posting it.

Puppet Rhyme: Where Is Bear?

(tune: Skip to My Lou)
Where is Bear? Peeka-BOO!
Where is Bear? Peeka-BOO! 
Where is Bear? Peeka-BOO!

Peeka-BOO to baby!

Today was a day when I wished I could rewind the morning back and get a do over. After many weeks of small-ish groups of about 12-14 babies (was I actually complaining about this?!!! What on earth was I thinking?!!!), I was not expecting the large group that showed up this morning. The room was not set up right, the AC was too low and with all the noise, commotion, new faces, older siblings, HEAT, etc., I felt so distracted. I only read one book and totally forgot my adorable puppet rhyme. Definitely not my best work today; feeling kind of bummed. On the bright side, I think to most people, everything went fine and it was a fun morning so fingers crossed, next week will be better. Some people mentioned they were just visiting or not from the area so it would be ok if our group was slightly smaller, LOL!

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