Thursday, June 18, 2015

baby & me: one for the fathers!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a nest of baby birds!! What does a bird say?

The birds in the nest go TWEET TWEET TWEET
The birds in the nest go TWEET TWEET TWEET
All day long!

Books We Read: 
Daddy, Look What I Can Do- Mack (cute!)
Daddy Hugs- Tafuri
Daddy Hugs 1 2 3- Katz

Flannel Story: Five Baby Robins

I was inspired by a fingerplay that I found here but I switched it up a little to include the Daddy bird in each line. I just printed clip art robins for this one!

5 baby robins watch Daddy robin soar
1 baby leaves the nest, now there are 4
4 baby robins sit with Daddy in a tree
1 flies off to catch a worm & then there are 3
3 baby robins hear their Daddy sing a tune
1 tried out his new found wings & then there are 2
2 baby robins sit with Daddy in the sun
Another baby chased a bug & then there is 1
1 baby robin with her Daddy all her own
And this baby robin stays at home!

I've never really done a lot of Father's Day or Mother's Day programming so this was new to me. I feel like I do Mom related stuff throughout the year, but not much with Dads. But I get mostly moms at programs and I didn't want anyone to feel sad if they don't have a dad at home. I guess growing up without my father makes me a little over sensitive to this? Then, I found out that one of the babies attending with a grandparent today has an absent father with a drug problem and I wanted to be respectful of that kind of situation. Anyway, I tried to celebrate fathers but focus on other stuff too and it seemed ok!

We had a happy and lively bunch today with about 14 babies! Great group, very fun morning!

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