Friday, May 15, 2015

toddler time: let's get LOUD!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a shaky egg! What color is my egg?

Passed out colorful shaky eggs to all the kids.

Everyone did our rhyme:

Put your egg UP, put your egg DOWN
Hold your egg and turn around!
Put your egg UP, put your egg DOWN
Put your egg down on the ground.

Then we did some shaker egg songs:

Can you shake your egg with me, egg with me, egg with me?
Its as easy as can be!
Put it on your knee (also head and tummy)
(tune: London Bridge)
I do this at Baby & Me every week so many of the kids knew it well!

Loud and Quiet (tune: open, Shut Them)
LOUD & quiet, LOUD & quiet
Shh be quiet
Shh be quiet
LOUD & quiet, LOUD & quiet!

Shake Shake Shake Your Eggs
Shake shake shake your eggs, shake them all around!
Shake them LOUD, shake them soft
Now don’t make a sound
(repeat with Clap Your Hands and Stomp Your Feet)

Then I really wanted to put these eggs away so I made up my own 4th verse:
Put put put your egg, put it in the basket!
Some of the parents laughed but I knew it would be distracting if I didn’t get them back.

Books We Read: 
Please Be Quiet- Murphy
The Noisy Counting Book- Schade (love this one, it’s a little long for my toddlers but we made it thru!!! Read this one 1st))
Quiet LOUD- Patricelli (all I can say is I LOVE LOVE LOVE her books!!!!)

More Great Books:
Noisy Nora- Wells
The Quiet Book- Underwood
The Very Quiet Cricket- Carle
Be Quiet Mike- Patricelli

Flannel Story: Loud or Quiet??

After the Patricelli book, I immediately picked up my felt board and we continued naming things. The items I used were scanned from the last pages of her book but you could use any kind of clipart or puppets. I found this AMAZING idea here. It was so fun! I just picked up a picture randomly and asked “Is a fire truck quiet or loud?” “Does your pillow make lots of noise at home?” The older-ish kids would shout out the answers and I’d put them in the right section.

Puppet Song: Bluebirds on a Cloud

Since it went so well with today’s theme, I just pulled out these foam sheet birds and we did:
2 little bluebirds sitting on a cloud
One named quiet, the other named LOUD!
Fly away quiet, FLY AWAY LOUD!
Come back quiet, COME BACK LOUD!

Craft: Paper plate shakers

I found this idea on Storytime Katie! I used small paper plates. The kids colored them, then we folded them in half. I used tape to seal them up because staples with this age group scare me. I had some dried peas that we used to fill them up (just a spoonful or so!) 

Thankfully, I had an easy craft because the room was PACKED!!!! I saw lots of kids shaking their homemade shakers during playtime. This is one of my favorite crafts EVER!!!!

We had over 30 kids and the theme was great. The kids LOVED the shaky eggs so much! The craft was awesome. Terrific day! And the prep for today was super easy -- the timing was perfect because I had a CRAZY week with TONS of school visits. Everyone waits until the last weeks of school to call me and this is probably my busiest time of the year.

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