Friday, May 22, 2015

toddler time: don't have a cow!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a cow! What color is a cow?

Passed out colorful card stock cows to all the kids.

Next, we did a little color game: I said, "Let’s see all the purple cows! Hold up your cow if it's pink!" (same for blue & yellow)

Everyone did our rhyme:

Put your cow UP, put your cow DOWN
Hold your cow and turn around!
Put your cow UP, put your cow DOWN
Put your cow down on the ground.

Then, we sang this cute cow song. I used a little bell instrument for the first verse and my hand for the second one.

The Bell On The Cow (tune: The Wheels on the Bus)
The bell on the cow goes clang, clang clang, 
Clang, clang,clang, 
Clang,clang, clang, 
The bell on the cow goes clang, clang, clang 
All around the farm. 

The tail on the cow goes swish, swish, swish... 

The voice on the cow goes moo, moo, moo... 

Books We Read:
Who Said Moo- Ziefert/Taback
Are You a Cow- Boynton (great book, wish it was bigger tho!)
Spots, Feathers and Curly Tails- Tafuri (no time today!) 

Flannel Story: Can We Find a Brown Cow?

See here for more on this one. I use this "Hello Farm" set all the time, especially with babies. Today, we went looking for a cow to match our theme. Worked great!

Craft: Cut & Paste Cow puppets (with grass)

This craft idea came from Pinterest. 

I took one of the many nice cow craft templates & coloring pages online. I cut out the mouth & printed those on pink paper. I printed the faces on white cardstock. The kids colored and pasted them together. We added a little green Easter grass to the mouth so our cows would be eating and then we taped a jumbo craft stick to make a puppet. LOVE this!!! All the cows looked soo adorable.

It's a holiday weekend but we had a nice group with about 19 kids. I am having a terrible allergic reaction to the tree pollen; happens every year but seems extra bad this spring. I feel ok but probably would have taken a sick day if it wasn't a program day. The toddlers actually cheered me up a little & this was an easy theme to plan. The craft was my favorite part for sure!

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