Friday, April 3, 2015

toddler time: spring is here!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a flower! What color is our flower?

We passed out little paper flowers to all the children and did this rhyme:

Put your flower UP, put your flower DOWN
Hold your flower and turn around!
Put your flower UP, put your flower DOWN
Put your flower down on the ground.

Books We Read: 
Flowers- Yonezu**
Wake Up, It’s Spring – Ernst (shortened text a bit for the toddlers)
Hello Kitty: Springtime Fun**
What Does Bunny See?- Park

Flannel Story: Five Spring Flowers

Another winner from Flannel Friday! This was so fun!

Five Spring Flowers
Five spring flowers, all in a row.
The first one said: "We need rain to grow!"
The second one said: "Oh my, we need water!" (use watering can)
The third one said: "Yes, it is getting hotter!" (show sun)
The fourth one said: "I see clouds in the sky!" (point up at sky/ceiling)
The fifth one said: "I wonder why?"

Then BOOM went the thunder,
And ZAP went the lightning,
That springtime storm was really frightening!
But the flowers weren't worried-no, no, no (shake finger or head)
The rain helped them to grow, grow, grow!(lift felt board higher, higher, highest like the flowers are growing!)

Puppet Song: Spring Is Here

I found this cute song on Storytime ABCs & I used it with puppets but I bet it's great with flannel board animals too.

Spring is Here! Spring is Here!
How do we know? How do we know?
I just saw a bird nest! I just saw a bird nest.
That’s how I know! That’s how I know!
(tune: Frere Jacques)

We repeated with butterfly, bumble bee and bunny rabbit. Hmm all start with the letter B - just noticed that!

Craft: Happy Flowers

I passed out pre-cut construction paper flower shapes for the kids to color, then I gave green cardstock stems for the parents to cut. Just tape the stem to the flower & put a smiley face sticker in the middle. LOVE IT! 

So I'm back at Toddler Time for the first time after a two week break. This was a great program and theme. I was tempted to do Bunnies or Chicks since this weekend is Easter but I did both of those last year so I felt like doing something different. My favorite parts were the craft, the puppets and the flannel board, even tho I flubbed a couple of lines, no one seemed to notice! About 20 kids today, not bad for a holiday weekend and actually a good number for the size of the room. Good to be back!

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