Monday, April 13, 2015

toddler time: jan thomas books

despite my best intentions, once in a while there are days when I need another staff member to substitute for me at one of my programs due to vacation, illness, meetings, etc. i always try to leave that person some books, flannel boards and crafts to make the program as easy as possible for them. sometimes i start working on one of these "kits", then i realize I want to do this program myself so I have to start all over, LOL!!! anyway, this is a program that I planned and left for another person to do last month when I missed a few days due to a move to a new home.

Books We Read:

SOOOO many great books to choose from for this author!

Flannel Board: 5 Little Goats Jumping on the Bed

Craft: Cat Puppet from Jan Thomas website printed on white cardstock and attached to a jump craft stick.

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