Wednesday, April 1, 2015

one in a minion: a despicable me party!

confession: I am not the biggest fan of animated movies. They always feel so long to me and I have a hard time paying attention. I actually have a hard time staying awake for most movies so its nothing personal! 

There are a few that I do like: Finding Nemo, Up, and of course, Frozen. During a recent trip to Orlando, my husband & I were browsing our hotel's very small complimentary dvd collection for something to watch & ended up with Despicable Me. I did not have high hopes but I have to admit that I was completely totally wrong about this movie!! 

It's amazing!! 

...and VERY popular at my library I decided to throw a Minions Party! 

Who can resist a minion or two?

Although I was bracing myself for a frenzy like the one we had for our Frozen Festival a couple of months ago, this party didn't seem to get that crazy, although the pre-registration spots filled up fast and we had a full house for the program.

I started with some Minion books:

And a flannel story inspired by Thrive After Three:

Added a couple of great games:

Pin the Minion on the Moon: each child chose a minion then tried to place it on the moon while blindfolded.

Unicorn Scavenger Hunt: I posted these signs and hid these cuties all over the lower level for kids to find.

Some prizes of course!

Lollipops (for Unicorn Game)

Stickers and Tattoos (for Moon game)

Finally, we did two really fun craft projects:

Minion Goggles: printable from here and printed on white cardstock

Minion Necklaces: I cut ovals from yellow craft foam sheets then hole punched the top & cut lanyards to string thru. I printed & cut mini minion goggle/eyes for the kids to glue on. We used both sides: one eyed goggles on one side and two eyed goggles on the other. 

Perfect! Bonus points for being so easy and inexpensive too!!

I'm happy to report that our Minion Party was a smash! Everyone had a wonderful time. The Sleepy Kittens book and the necklace craft were definitely my favorite parts of the program, as well as the games. 

As usual, I could not pull off this kind of program on my own, so thank you to my amazing coworkers for all their help!!

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