Friday, February 13, 2015

toddler time: a heart full of love

Today, our toddler theme was LOVE, of course!!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a heart! What color is our heart? Red!

We passed our paper hearts to everyone & sang:

Hold your heart up
Hold your heart down
Hold your heart & turn around!
Hold your heart up
Hold your heart down
Put your heart on the ground.

Will we ever get sick of this little rhyme? It doesn't seem like it!! I still enjoy it and I think the kids like the repetition.

Books We Read: 
Where Is Nicky’s Valentine- Ziefert (great! Everyone loved this one!)
We Love Each Other-Yonezu  (I thought this was so cute but many of the kids lost interest. Next time I'll choose something else! Maybe better for babies?)
All Kinds of Kisses - Tafuri
Huggy Kissy - Patricelli

Flannel Board: Love Bug, Love Bug Oh So Smart

See my post here!

Valentine Song: There’s a Little Wheel Turning in my Heart

Inspired by the amazing blog Storytime Secrets

I saw this on Flannel Friday so I made a set for myself!!! Love it, worked great today!!


Coffee Filter Hearts

When I brought out the washable markers instead of my usual boxes of crayons, I think the parents got a little nervous!! But when they saw the finished product, they were in love, just like me. 

First, I cut the filters into heart shapes then I glued two to each other with a red or pink ribbon sandwiched in between. 

The kids color the heart using washable markers then I used a medicine dropper to drip some water on. It smears the colors like stained glass and makes a beautiful decoration to hang in a window.

We had a very lively bunch today with about 18 kids! I felt so special to receive flowers, candy and a lovely card from some of my toddlers. Very thoughtful!!! The craft was amazing, the best part of the program for me, although the flannel board was fun too!

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