Friday, February 27, 2015

toddler time: food, glorious food!

Today, our toddler theme was FOOD! Love this theme, there are so many great books for kids about food!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a pea pod! What color is a pea? Who likes to eat peas? Let's count the peas in our pea pod.

5 little peas in a pea pod pressed
One grew, two grew and so did all the rest!
They grew and they grew and they did not stop
Until one day the pod went ...POP!(peas go everywhere!)

We passed out happy paper peas (just green circles with smiley faces!) to everyone & sang:

Put your pea UP, put your pea DOWN
Hold your pea and turn around!
Put your pea UP, put your pea DOWN
Put your pea down on the ground.

Books We Read: 
The Very Hungry Caterpillar- Carle
Guess What?: Food- Yonezu (We have a few other books by this author and if they work as great as this one, I will be ecstatic!! Kids LOVED this!)
Lunch- Fleming
We’re Going to a Farmer’s Market-Page

Flannel Board: Flip Flap Jack

I purchased this set on Etsy a looooong time ago and I don't think I've ever used it. Now, I'm kicking myself because its AWESOME! The song is kind of long but its just soooo cute! The kids were mesmerized and the parents were giggling. My new favorite, for sure!

There was a man made of food, made of food, made of food
There was a man made of food
And his name was Flip Flap Jack (clap clap clap when you say his name!)

His head was made of a pancake, a pancake, a pancake
His head was made of a pancake,
And his name was Flip Flap Jack.

His eyes were made of blueberries, blueberries, blueberries

His eyes were made of blueberries
And his name was Flip Flap Jack.

Repeat for: 
hair/whipped cream 
feet/French toast 
bellybutton/raspberry (not pictured because I could not figure out how the raspberry fit in!! Good thing I looked it up because I think it's like the best part!!)

And he danced upon the table, the table, the table
He danced upon the table
And his name was Flip Flap Jack

I sing this to the tune of Aiken Drum but there are lots of videos where it's more of a rhyme or chant. I found a great video HERE.

Craft:  Very Hungry Caterpillar Puppets

So easy, just print on cardstock and precut if you want!

Today was super fun!! We had our usual crowd of about 20 or so toddlers. It was a little louder than usual and a bit hard to speak loudly with my sore throat but we had a great time! Flip Flap Jack was definitely the star of the day!

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