Tuesday, February 3, 2015

a FROZEN frenzy (I mean, Festival!)

After reading about Frozen programs at other libraries, I was super excited to try one at my library. I know how crazy popular these characters are with our young library patrons so I figured it would be a hit! 

I planned our party for January. This was my first mistake. 

Whenever I plan programs for winter months, it inevitably snows that day. And not just a little bit of snow, but A LOT of snow. (And then, no one shows up and I feel horrible.)

Then, my supervisor made the brilliant suggestion of transforming the entire library for a FROZEN FESTIVAL! 

Sounds awesome, right? So, of course I agreed wholeheartedly.

Then, came the work. Lots and LOTS of work!! And lots of time and planning and worrying and of course, some money! And not just for myself, but for our entire staff here.

Linda and Lily spent hours decorating the program room with lots of twinkling white lights and tons of turquoise snowflakes! And they crocheted this incredible Elsa hat!

I found as many Frozen books, cds, dvds, etc., as I could and set up this cute book display!

Close Up View

Andre created beautiful artwork for Elsa and also our Olaf party game!

Daniela contacted a costume company who agreed to send Olaf, Elsa and Anna characters to our event!!

I chose some great stories to share, as well as a copy of the Sing Along DVD for the kids to watch on our new TV!

I made an Olaf themed flannel board!

5 little Olafs made of snow...(see my post here)

I prepped for not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR different Frozen crafts!!!

We made Paper Bag Reindeer, Frozen bracelets and Snowflake wands,
as well as the printable Olaf craft from Disney.com

Shari made great big signs for all of our craft stations.

We set up some fantastic photo booth props.

We borrowed this cool Elsa and Anna stand up cutout from another branch!

We set up TWO fun games to play and chose fun prizes for everyone.

We played Pin the Carrot on Olaf AND the Reindeer Rescue Game

I hid reindeer hooves all over the library. Kids who found three pairs won a prize!

Fruit snack packs were our Reindeer game prizes. Everyone who participated
in the Olaf game won their choice of a Frozen sticker or tattoo.

And then on our BIG day, Elsa sent us the Blizzard of 2015. One for the history books, the forecasters promised! So, we decided to postpone until the following week. Many of our prospective attendees were disappointed but almost all agreed to attend on the new party date. 

Of course, after we cancelled we ended up with hardly any snow at all. What a bummer.

And then on our SECOND big day, Elsa sent us a terrible ice storm. It was awful outside. I suspect Elsa was trying to help us decorate for our program but this was just too much.

We were starting to feel like our Frozen party was jinxed!!

Although some of our attendees missed out, we had our party yesterday despite the icy weather. About 20 kids attended, which was about half of what we hoped our attendance would be. Many moms called to let us know they couldn't make it due to the weather. Our costume characters cancelled about an hour before the party, which was disappointing but completely understandable. 

Finally, some good news: everyone who was able to attend had a wonderful time! And that made me very happy.

Maybe we'll plan another Frozen party again someday soon. We have lots of leftover materials and much of the prep work is already done! But this time, I'll be planning it for a warm time of year, like July or August and hopefully Elsa will leave us alone!

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