Friday, January 2, 2015

toddler time: a whale of a (toddler) time

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found book! Its called Baby Beluga by Raffi. Baby Beluga is a whale --  really big animal that lives in the sea. Would you like a baby whale to hold during our song?

We passed out paper whales to everyone & sang:

Hold your whale up, hold your whale down
Hold your whale & turn around
Hold your whale up, hold your whale down
Put your whale on the ground.

Okay, now we’re ready for our first book, Baby Beluga!

Books We Read: 
Baby Beluga- Raffi
Whaley Whale – Rascka
I Spy Under the Sea- Gibbs

Felt Story: Five Baby Whales

I found this flannel idea here but since my whales were not really giant, I switched to "baby" whales instead!

Five giant whales, swimming on the ocean floor,

One went to blow (OR off to play) and then there were four.

Four giant whales, swimming in the sea,

One saw a shark and then there were three.

Three giant whales, swimming the ocean blue,

One dived to the bottom and then there were two.

Two giant whales, swimming just for fun,

One got tired so then there was just one.

One giant whale, swimming all alone,

He was very lonely, so he went home.


puppet version with a popsicle stick or...

I adapted this cute whale puppet idea from one that I saw online. First, I printed some clip art whales onto white cardstock for kids to color. I also cut blue construction paper waves for the whale to pop in and out of. The waves are folded in half kind of like a pocket with a small slit at the fold for the popsicle stick. I also taped the sides. You could also just glue the whale under the waves for a more "peekaboo" type craft and skip the popsicle stick part all together.

check out the peekaboo version!

Since this was our first program after the holidays and so close to New Years, I wasn't sure what size group to expect. We had about 16 kids which is perfect! My favorite part of the program was the felt board. I wished I'd found a bigger copy of the Raffi book because many kids weren't paying it any attention which surprised me a little. It was still a nice morning though!

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