Saturday, January 17, 2015

toddler time: slow as a snail

Today, our toddler theme was all about SNAILS and being SLOW!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a scarf! What color is my scarf today? 

We passed out scarves to everyone & sang:

One bright scarf waiting for the wind to blow
Wiggle it high
Wiggle it low
Shake it fast
Shake it slow
Put it behind your back
Where did it go?

Here it is!!

We did it twice because they loved it so much! I use this at Baby & Me sometimes but for a long time it was my “go to” scarf rhyme immediately following the Wheels on the Bus. Lately, I do Popcorn Kernels or This is the Way We Wash.

We also tried a new song I found online that used our Slow/Fast theme:

Tune: Row Row Row Your Boat!

Wave wave wave your scarf as slowly as you can
Wave wave wave your scarf as quickly as you can

Swing your arms, Stomp your feet, & Nod your head are also fun!

Books We Read:
Fast and Slow- Teckentrup (this board book is on the small side and I added some words myself like, “The fire engine is FAST, the tractor is SLOW.” I hoped people would join in with me on the repetitive text but no one really did. The kids liked the book though so that’s good!)
Slow Snail- Murphy (also worked great)
Slowly Slowly Slowly Said the Sloth – Carle (ran out of time for this one)

Puppet Song:

Everyone loves when I pull out the puppets!! I brought out Snail and Mouse for this easy rhyme.

Flannel Board: This Little Snail

I found this cute rhyme at one of my most favorite blogs: Fun with Friends at Storytime. She created the prettiest felt snails!! I decided to be lazy and use clipart ones but someday maybe I can make nicer ones.

This Little Snail
This little snail peeked in the door,
This little snail slid across the floor.
This little snail came out to play,
This little snail slid slowly away.
This little snail said, "Dear me, dinner is over and now it's time for tea!".

I found this cute craft idea at another amazing blog called Storytime Katie in her post called Fast & Slow. She uses paper plates -- so smart! I cut snail bodies and shells from construction paper and we used crayons and tissue paper squares to decorate. Very fun!

We had a TON of people for today’s class, I think the 40 degree weather made everyone want to get out of the house! I had no craft supplies left so I think it was almost 30 people!! Everyone was extremely well behaved and the program was wonderful!! SO nice to see lots of familiar faces after the holidays too. A great morning!

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