Saturday, January 10, 2015

toddler time: more favorites!

And the greatest hits keep on coming...

Today was another cold morning but WITH SNOW  --  even worse for attendance than yesterday's single digit temps. I had planned a cute Wake Up/Sun themed program but it wasn't quite ready and I figured why rush? I threw together a few of my favorite toddler books, a puppet craft and whatever else caught my eye!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a bean bag!

I got a set of these a few months ago and for some reason, I always forget about them. Since they haven’t gotten a lot of use yet, the toddlers thought they were awesome!! They are pretty cool!

We passed out bean bags to everyone & did our usual rhyme:

Hold your bean bag up, hold your bean bag down
Hold your bean bag & turn around
Hold your bean bag up, hold your bean bag down
Put your bean bag on the ground.

The kids are getting the hang of this since we do it every week!

We also tried a great new song I learned on Jbrary recently. I just used bean bags instead of puppets and it was tons of fun. I can see this one becoming part of my regular rotation.

Put your puppet on your heart,
On your heart.
Put your puppet on your heart,
On your heart.
Put your puppet on your heart,
What a lovely way to start!
Put your puppet on your heart,
On your heart.

Put your puppet on your knee…
You’ll both be filled with glee…
Put your puppet on your toes…
Now move it to your nose…
Put your puppet on your head…
Put your puppet straight to bed…
Give your puppet a big hug…

Books We Read:
Go Away Big Green Monster- Emberley
Ten in the Bed- Elwand
Charlie Chicken- Denchfield

The kids were enthralled by today’s book selections, which I explained were some of my most favorites!!

The Elwand book is a little lengthy/repetitive for my toddlers -- I am sometimes tempted to countdown from five instead of ten -- but they were paying close attention today. After that selection, one of my regulars yelled, “Read another one, Miss Amy!!” So cute!

Puppet Song:

This bear in a tree stump puppet (see first pic above) really is one of my favorite props ever. We sang “Where Is Bear?” but he kept falling asleep so we had to yell “WAKE UP BEAR” several times.

Flannel Board: 5 Little Kernels in the Pot

This was a last minute pull, just in case I had time for something quick at the end, but they really liked it! I went right into it after the Banana Song so I mentioned that I like bananas but I also love popcorn! Not a lie (-:

I found this a while back on Flannel Friday at Mel's Desk --  thanks for the great template!!

from sad little kernels...

to fluffy delicious popcorn!!

I have some leftover Ellison die cut puppets from long ago. The kids just colored them while I cut round noses from adhesive foam sheets. Very easy!

A terrific group today, so many familiar faces and I knew most kids by name. They were really into the stories so it was super fun for me. It felt odd to be “theme-less” but I think its good to experiment with that once in a while. A great day!

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