Wednesday, January 21, 2015

sesame street storytime

I'm happy to report that the characters of Sesame Street are as popular as ever here at my branch! Both sessions of our special Elmo & Cookie Monster themed storytime were well attended, with 15 kids in the AM session and 13 attending the PM one. Not bad for a cold winter day.

I began both programs by pulling out some pretend cookies and asking "who loves cookies on Sesame Street?" Everyone knew the answer to that! "And what is the name of Cookie Monster's friend who is RED?" Elmo is like a rock star to these kids!

I pulled out my puppets and we started reading the stories I'd selected. They all worked fabulously! Elmo Loves You is short with rhyming text. Monsters on the Bus is so fun to sing. I had the best time ever reading The Monster at the End of This Book, even tho one attendee was pretty spooked by it. 

And Elmo's Alphabet Soup was a great lead in to today's Cookie Monster Game. Everyone came up to feed him a cookie then we went thru some other props to see if they might be good things for him to eat. Like apples? bananas? feathers? crayons? lollipops? broccoli? how about a beach ball?

We also did a Hide and Seek Flannel Board, followed by puppet crafts. The kids' puppets came out soo cute! Plus, since I'd done the cutting in advance, all they had to do was glue the face parts on.

See my Flannel Friday post here for more info!

A great program and a fun (but exhausting) day! 

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