Friday, January 9, 2015

flannel friday: Five Little Olafs

I'm so excited about the "Frozen Festival" we are planning for my library later this month with stories, games, crafts and lots of fun! We're encouraging kids to dress in costume if they want and we'll be playing the Sing Along DVD on our brand new flat screen TV! We are hoping for a nice day and about 35 kids. 

The entire staff is pitching in with decorations. We'll have stories, games, a photo area and the dvd showing in the lower level, along with four craft stations scattered throughout the main floor of the branch. I am so grateful to my team members for helping me make this program extra special!

I needed a quick and easy song for my flannel board, something to change up the pace after a few Frozen picture books. I decided to adapt one of my favorite winter felt songs: Five Little Snowmen. I originally found this flannel idea on Miss Tracey's Little Story Bug website and for my "Frozen" twist, all I have to do is substitute "Olafs" for the word "snowmen".

The tune is "Up on the Rooftop"

5 little Olafs made of snow
5 little Olafs in a row
Out came the sun and it shone all day
And one little Olaf (shake bells & remove one Olaf) melted away...

(Count down to zero Olafs)

No little Olafs made of snow
No little Olafs in a row
Down went the sun at the end of the day
And all five Olafs returned to play!

(Put all Olafs back on felt board)

I printed my Olafs on the color printer and laminated them so this flannel board was super easy! 

This week, Flannel Friday is hosted by Lisa at Libraryland. Thanks for reading (-: