Thursday, January 29, 2015

baby & me: hide & seek

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a monkey. What does a monkey say?

Puppet Song: I just made this up to go with the animals I used in today's flannel story.

The tune is the Wheels on the Bus.

The monkey in the tree goes oooo oooo ee ee! Ooo ooo eee eee! Ooo ooo ee ee!
The monkey in the tree goes oooo oooo ee ee all day long!

Mr Frog joined in and we sang a verse for him:

The frog in the pond goes hop hop hop, hop hop hop, hop hop hop
The frog in the pond goes hop hop hop all day long!

Books We Read:
Who’s Hiding- Braun (love the large simple illustrations in this small board book!)
Where’s Ellie- Yoon (also great, would love a lap size edition!!)
Surprise - Slegers (no time today)

Flannel Story: Hide & Seek with Monkey & Frog

I made some furniture for my felt board and I hid felt monkeys & frogs underneath.

Monkey & Frog are playing hide and seek
Who’s hiding under the bed? Lets take a peek!

Lift furniture to reveal a monkey or a frog! 

I bought these in a little pack at Michaels. They have adhesive backs so I put some felt there to make them stick to the felt board. I hid 3 monkeys and 3 frogs and then alternated them when we pulled up the furniture pieces.

We had about a dozen babies today, which is pretty good considering the freezing weather we've had this week. 

This theme was just ok for me; the books and flannel might have been too alike because it felt like we spent the whole class looking under things! The babies didn't seem to mind at all but I was wishing for a little more variety. At least the puppet song was unrelated! Next time, I would mix things up a little with maybe a frog or monkey book to go with the Braun book.

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