Friday, January 9, 2015

baby & me: baby favorites

So its our first real week back after the holidays, the weather is BITTER cold here and I wasn't sure if any babies would come to the Library today so I decided to pull out some of my "Greatest Hits."

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a pinwheel! 

This is so pretty and COMPLETELY unrelated to any of our books/rhymes/etc., but I’ve been dying to somehow sneak it into a program!

Books We Read: 
Hello Day- Lobel
Are You a Cow- Boynton
Babies on the Bus – Katz

Flannel Story: Brown Bear, Brown Bear

I purchased this felt set on amazon over the summer. Based on one of my #1 Most Favorite books EVER, the babies seemed mesmerized by these colorful felt pieces. Another great but different way to use this amazing story. I just said the words to the story as I went thru the pieces, placing them on my little lap board one at a time.

Puppet Song:

I had these cat puppets handy so I decided to go with them for "Where Is Big/Little Cat?"

I have to admit it was kind of liberating to forget about choosing a baby theme for today and just use what appealed to me at that moment!!! It is definitely something I will try to do more often. The felt board was my favorite part of the session.

We had 7 babies today despite the frigid weather and it was a pleasant change of pace. Based on last year's stats, I expect the crowds to be small like this for the next few weeks and that's perfectly fine with me. Change is good! Its a great time for me to try out new songs and rhymes and switch things up a bit until the spring.

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