Friday, December 12, 2014

toddler time: reach for the moon & catch a star

Today, our toddler theme was the MOON and STARS!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a moon and a star! 

We passed out colorful foam stars to everyone & sang:

Hold your star up, hold your star down
Hold your star & turn around
Hold your star up, hold your star down
Put your star on the ground.

Books We Read: 
What the Moon Sees- Tafuri
Goodnight Moon 123- Brown
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Cabrera (sang just a few pages of this one, they got restless fast!)

Flannel Story: Five Little Stars and the Moon Too

I found this fun flannel board idea on Read Rabbit Read.

Five little stars shine and shine some more,
One fell to the earth and then there were four.
Four little stars, happy as can be,
One fell to the earth and then there were three.
Three little stars in a sky so blue,
One fell to the earth and then there were two.
Two little stars, having lots of fun,
One fell to the earth and then there was one.
One little star left all alone,
That one fell to earth and then there were none.
The moon came out- what a pretty sight!
He waved to the stars and he said goodnight.

Of course I brought out my moon puppet at the end of the rhyme. I also brought out our xylophone toy and when each star fell from the sky, I played a few notes. It seemed to really keep their attention! A great last minute idea!!

Puppet Song: Hey Diddle Diddle

I put my clip art for this rhyme onto popsicle sticks and held them up one at a time as I said the rhyme. I don’t do a lot with nursery rhymes but this one really held their attention.

Hey Diddle Diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
The little dog laughed to see such a sight
And the dish ran away with the spoon!

Craft: Moon Art

First, I printed some moon faces onto yellow paper and I cut some blue circles. The kids colored the moons with crayons then we glued the moons to the blue circles. 

We decorated our artwork with star stickers and glued the whole thing to a mini paper plate to make it more sturdy. We also taped blue ribbons on the back to make them easier to hang.

A lovely class today with lots of toddlers but this group was very attentive and on the quiet side at first. I was very happy with my book and song selections and the craft was great. We don't have stickers that often so it always feels special when I pass them out! Another fun morning! I love my job (-:

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