Friday, December 19, 2014

baby & me: happy holidays!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found some bells! Perfect for our first book, please sing along with me, you know the song!

Dashing through the snow...

Books We Read: 
Jingle Bells- (an amazing, last minute pick from the sale rack at B & N but I loved having everyone sing along. Not too Christmas-y but still festive!!)
With Love From Maisy- Cousins

The other books would have been great too!

Flannel Story: Five Little Presents

I borrowed this from Storytime Secrets  and Library Village but I changed a couple of words/gifts around to make it slightly less Christmas-y.

Five little presents on a snowy floor,
Someone got a teddy bear! Now there are four.

Four little presents - what will they be?
Someone got a new book! Now there are three.

Three little presents - each brand-new.
Someone got ice skates! Now there are two.

Two little presents - what a lot of fun!
Someone got a a new drum! Now there is one.

One little present, the last gift of all,
Someone got mittens! And snow begins to fall.

Five little presents were opened with great cheer,
Have a happy holiday and a great new year!

Fun Holiday Song:

I found this awesome song for babies on Jbrary and So Tomorrow  and since the tune is We Wish You a Merry Christmas, it seemed perfect for the holidays! It was awesome and everyone loved it. 

Let's All Do a Little Clapping
Let's all do a little clapping
Let's all do a little clapping
Let's all do a little clapping
And bring a little cheer.

We also did some kicking, some stretching and some waving.

For toddlers, you could try: stomping, jumping, stretching, dancing, etc.

We had another great class today with lots of babies! I'm never sure how many to expect this time of year. Things were slightly more chaotic/noisy than I usually like, but I think people were just happy and talkative so I skipped a couple of rhymes to start playtime a few minutes early. Fun class!

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