Thursday, November 13, 2014

baby & me: fun on the farm

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a pink pig! What does a pig say?

Pigs live in a barn like this on a farm! Do you know the song Old MacDonald...

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Puppet Song: Old MacDonald Had a Farm (with Barn Prop)

I love singing this song with babies because all the parents know it so everyone sings along!

Books We Read: 
Went Walking - Williams (LOVE this one for babies!! It has colors, farm animal noises, & a rhyming, repetitive text – it's perfect!)
Hello, Day!- Lobel (another great choice)
Noodle Loves the Farm (so cute but small)- Billet

Flannel Story: Hello Farm

This is great for a farm or hello themed program and works well for babies and toddlers also. 

I have three red barns on the felt board & each one has a farm animal hiding behind it. See this previous farm themed post for more info AND a link to the printable from Sunflower Storytime:

Today was a fun class! Not too huge but not too small either. One boy got upset in the middle of the program which was distracting but we handed out shakey eggs and that distracted him for a little while. I only read one book because of that, but I snuck in an extra scarf song to make up for it. Nice class!

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