Friday, November 7, 2014

flannel friday: my little pumpkin

I know it's time to move on to post-Halloween programming but I just could not resist posting about the felt board I made last week. I used it with my toddlers and everyone loved it! Maybe some of you know Miss Tracy at Little Storybug; she has so many awesome videos on her youtube channel with tons of felt board ideas. Her website is one of the places I always check when I'm in need of some inspiration and she never lets me down!

You can find her video for "My Little Pumpkin" here. The tune is sooo catchy!

Here are the words:

I’ve got a little white pumpkin
Cutest I’ve ever seen
But I hope my little white pumpkin
Turns orange for Halloween

Here are the pumpkins that I made. You just place them on your flannel board one at a time as you sing the verse for each color, saving the orange pumpkin for last. I used green glitter & black contact paper to decorate my pumpkins, but you could use whatever you like.

Here's a photo of me singing "My Little Pumpkin" at my Toddler Time on Halloween!

Thanks for reading!

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