Friday, October 24, 2014

toddler time: along came a spider!

Our theme for Toddler Time today was SPIDERS.

Mystery Box: When we opened the yellow box, we found a spider puppet. What color is our spider? Black with lots of legs!

We passed out paper spiders to the kids and sang:

Hold your spiders up high
Hold your spiders down low
Hold your spider and turn around
Hold your spiders up high
Hold your spiders down low
Put your spider on the ground

The we sang along with our paper spiders to Raffi’s book Spider on the Floor.

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The Very Busy Spider- Carle ( I love this lift the flap version!)
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Felt Board: 5 Furry Spiders Jumping on the Web 

5 furry spiders jumping on the web
one fell off & bumped his head.
the others looked down & said are you ok?
but only 4 furry spiders were left to play.

count down to just 1 spider left.

1 furry spider jumping on the web
he fell off & bumped his head.
no one looked down to ask are you ok?
and there were no other spiders left to play.

I shortened it to three today because my voice was getting weak and it actually worked great for this age group!


We sang the Itsy Bity Spider song first, then we did the Big Enormous Spider version!

Craft: Itsy Bitsy Spider Houses

I think this is the cutest craft I’ve ever seen! It's from the website Making Learning Fun.

I printed out the houses on cardstock and cut them out. The kids colored them, then you just tape on a straw with a spider attached so he can move up and down the water spout as you sing the song. Love it! 

We had a great group today of about 17 kids. I loved the felt story & the craft. I had a major coughing fit after singing too many verses of Spider on the Floor but I played songs on the cd player until I recovered a little. it was embarrassing but I think I did the best I could. Still a fun program!

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