Thursday, October 30, 2014

halloween party: no tricks, just treats!

Every year, we plan a special Halloween program for kids of all ages and costumes are welcome, but not required. I decided to dress as a witch!

We start off with some Halloween books:

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything- Williams
In a Dark Dark Wood- Carter
Five Black Cats- Hegarty

Did you know that Old MacDonald had a haunted house as well as a farm? Me neither! Then I found this cute song on Flannel Friday! So, I made it a puppet song with an old haunted house I made from a boot box. I found some puppets and halloween stuff my house and my office to use so it was super easy.  You can find the words and some more info right here.

We also featured a prop song called Ten Trick or Treaters. The words to this adorable song can also be found in the Halloween Hootenanny post by Carol Simon Levin as well! 

I used clip art to sing the first verses then flipped it over for the last verse to surprise everyone. Luckily, I had another staff member to help me hold this. Very fun! I bought the clipart on Etsy.

 kids in costumes for the first verses

regular kids for the end of the song

After our stories & songs, we played Halloween BINGO! This was a new addition to our annual party inspired by the Alice in Wonderland BINGO program we offered last summer. It was so successful that everyone kept asking about the next one. Everyone loves BINGO! I printed the holiday bingo cards from this site

BINGO winners could choose a prize from my cauldron of witch’s brew where we offered cool stuff like eyeball erasers and spider rings!

As families left the program room, we put out a craft table for everyone to make their own Ghost Pops! We also had some giveaways like museum passes and treat bags.

We made this lollipop pumpkin and I just love it! We used an ice pick to make holes (but you can also use a drill or a hammer & nail) then you just insert the lollipops.

This was a really fun program. My favorite parts were the Ghost Pops, the BINGO and the Halloween version of Old MacDonald. We had a great turnout with about 25 kids plus lots of parents, tho I was a little surprised that more people weren't wearing costumes. A great day!

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