Friday, September 12, 2014

toddler time: beautiful balloons

Our theme for Toddler Time today was BALLOONS -- and circles too!

Mystery Box: When we opened the yellow box, we found a balloon!! What color is our balloon? Let's blow it  up! Our balloon is round like a circle.

We passed out construction paper circles to the kids and sang:

Hold your circle up high
Hold your circle down low
Hold your circle & turn around
Hold your circle up high
Hold your circle down low
Put your circle on the ground.

Books We Read:
Little Roar’s Round Balloon- Lodge
I Love Birthdays - Walker
Pop Went Another Balloon - Faulkner
If You're Happy & You Know It- Carter

Felt Board: Balloon Song
See this post! We did a shortened version today for the toddlers with just five balloons.

Craft: construction paper balloons

I cut out balloons in all colors for the kids to color & decorate with stickers. We taped a short piece of yarn on the back to make our own balloons.

I feel like a lot of my "old" toddlers are in preschool this fall but we have tons of new faces this month. Some of my regulars have finally started singing and following along with our songs now and I love to see that. With so many young/new faces at my programs, I've kind of gone back to basics: VERY easy crafts, 1-2 very short books, etc., at least for a while. Everyone seems to be loving it so we'll see how things go!

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