Friday, September 19, 2014

baby & me: MORE sounds

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found some bells, can you hear them?

Books We Read:
Polar Bear, Polar Bear - Martin/Carle (ok but not as great as the Brown Bear one)
Animal Noises - Killen (cute!)

Puppet Rhyme:
We practiced our animal sounds by singing "Old MacDonald" to the animals in my red barn prop. 

Flannel Story: Let's Make a Noise 

See my post here! This one is always a winner!!!

I wasn't feeling well this week and needed theme that I could pull together quickly so I decided to recycle some of my "oldies but goodies." I use this theme a couple of times a year so it was easy to pull elements together for today's program.

We had a ton of babies as usual but many two year olds attended. Most were well behaved but one was playing with the lights and my stereo, etc., which was really distracting. It was difficult for me but I felt that I had to make a firm announcement at the beginning of class about this. I stated that this program is for ages 0-18 months and older children probably are not going to be interested in what we were doing today. I also mentioned the need to be extra careful with both tiny babies and older children in the small confined area to be sure no one was accidentally stepped on. 

I didn't mean to scold anyone but its hard when the room is so overcrowded and there are kids in there that should be attending our toddler sessions instead. I don't want to have to strictly enforce age levels but I want parents to understand we have limited space and age recommendations are important and need to be respected.

Then I felt terrible because the whole vibe of the room was different. A couple of moms thanked me for the class after and mentioned how patient I was. I may have been a little crabby but I think I was right to say something. Its such a fine line with parents, something I struggle with every week for sure.

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