Thursday, September 25, 2014

baby & me: good enough to eat!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found FOOD! There’s a banana, an apple & an orange! 

Today, I used play food but once I used a real orange for my yellow box and after the "reveal", one little girl grabbed it and took a bite out of it! It was hilarious!!

Books We Read: 
Eat- Intrater (love the baby photos. We always point to the body parts mentioned in the text as we read so it's more interactive)
Yummy Yucky- Patricelli (no time today!)
Strawberries Are Red- Horacek 

Flannel Story: Hide & Seek Caterpillar

I hide the very hungry caterpillar under one of my fruits and we try to find him:

I’m looking for a caterpillar
He’s playing hide & seek!
Is he under the orange?
Let’s take a peek!

This idea came from Mel's Desk and I love it!!!! So do the babies! See my post here for more info.

Puppet Rhyme: Five Little Peas (see photo with today's books)

Five little peas in a peapod pressed;
One grew, two grew & so did all the rest.
They grew and they grew & they did not stop,
Until one day the peapod ... POPPED!

I started by counting the peas in my peapod. At the end, I used my other hand to make all the peas pop out! Very fun! I found this idea HERE)

Great Baby Rhyme for this Theme:

All Around the Berry Fields (bouncing rhyme) from Jbrary

(tune:  “Pop goes the Weasel”) 
All around the strawberry fields
we picked some juicy berries
we brought them home and washed them off
POP! (LIFT BABY) go the berries!…
(Repeat with other blueberries & blackberries)

It was a very rainy day today and there was a Jewish holiday, so we had a pretty small group of about 12 babies. It was kind of a nice break! I was grateful so many families braved the bad weather to make it to the library. 

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