Tuesday, August 19, 2014

preschool fun: the doctor is in!

Our theme for today was DOCTORS, BOO BOOS and being SICK.

Books We Read:
Boo Hoo Bird- Tankard 
How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon- Yolen (really held their attention)
Bear Feels Sick- Wilson (cute story, a little long but great ending)
Doctor Maisy- Cousins (great for this age group)
Llama Llama Home With Mama- Dewdney (ran out of time today)
Guess Who, Doc- Mittner (This kids LOVED this one! They all knew Doc McStuffins!!! Favorite book of the day.)

Flannel Story: The Bandage Song (from Making Learning Fun)

The website includes templates and many song verses, so I was thrilled! 

The basic idea is you move the bandage to different body parts. 

Sing to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell:
Put a bandage on my knee,
Put a bandage on my knee
Oh please take care of me
Put bandage on my knee.

Put a bandage on my head,
Put a bandage on my head
Oh please put me to bed
Put bandage on my head.

I added some silliness to this story by trying to put the bandage on the WRONG body part while asking "Is this his knee?" and everyone would yell "NO!!!" I also replaced the word "nurse" with "please" since I wasn't really mentioning nurses today.

Puppets: Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

We sang this song using my monkey puppets & it was perfect for today’s theme! The books for today were a little bit long for my young group so it was nice to have lots of non-book activities.

Activity: Bandages for Big Bear (based on this adorable Flannel Friday post from Storytime Katie!)

First, I made a bunch of felt band aids using pink, blue & green felt. Towards the end of my program, I brought out my friend Big Bear and explained that he had a problem: Bear's paws hurt, he must have a boo boo. I asked that anyone with a green bandage come up & put it on one of his paws. We put the pink ones on his head and the blue ones on his nose. The kids loved participating; it was a fun way to learn about both body parts and colors! Thanks for this great idea!

Craft: Doctor Bags

I found so many great ideas online for this craft, especially Spell Out Loud and Miss Barbara at the Library.

This is one of my MOST favorite crafts EVER and so easy!

All the kids got a piece of construction paper and we folded it in half.
Next, we taped pipe cleaner handles onto each side.
Then I passed out different doctor items for their bags: red paper apples to stay healthy, band aids, gauze pads, popsicle sticks, cotton balls, medicine, etc.
Finally, we made the red cross first aid symbol for the front of our medical bags. 
The bags were so cute & everyone was very proud. Thanks so much to all the storytime bloggers who inspired this fun program! 

Summer is winding down now & everyone is getting ready to go back to school, but we had a nice size group of about 12 kids for our program today.

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