Wednesday, August 6, 2014

bingo party!

Who doesn't love BINGO? 

We had a packed program room today for our next Alice in Wonderland themed event. I found these great printable bingo cards here at DLTK so I printed out 20 cards and a call sheet. At the beginning of the program, the kids colored their bingo cards while we waited for everyone to arrive. Since a few people were waiting for a spot in case we had no shows, I was able to fill the 8 empty seats (tho I did give late arrivals a ten minute grace period before I gave their seats away just to be fair.)

Aside from printing the bingo cards and setting up a prize table, preparing for this program was pretty stress free. We played several rounds and had a bunch of lucky winners. It was nice to see families enjoying themselves together. After about 45 minutes, we ended the program with popsicles for everyone! I was afraid the kids might be sad if they didn't get a prize but everyone was so happy with their popsicles on this hot day that no one even seemed to mind at all. A great day! 

On the way out, all the parents asked when the next BINGO party was so I'm thinking Halloween Bingo sounds perfect! With costumes!!

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