Thursday, August 21, 2014

baby & me: MORE froggy fun!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a FROG. What does a frog say?

Books We Read: 
What Am I? Frog & Friends - Wan
Who Can Jump- Braun

Flannel Story: Little Frog, Little Frog, Are You Under the Log?

See my post here.

Puppet Song: Froggy in a Flower

I made this puppet from some felt and a finger puppet. Then I tweaked a well known bunny rhyme to go with my frog theme today:

Little froggy in a flower sitting so still
Will he pop out?
Yes he will!

He hops to the left
He hops to the right
He hops all around 
Then he pops out of sight!

We also did Peekaboo with Froggy.

Where is Froggy? Peeka BOO!
Where is Froggy? Peeka BOO!
Where is Froggy? Peeka BOO!
Peekaboo to Froggy! 

Another huge group today! I wasn't expecting a big turnout since the branch has been soooo quiet this week but many of my "regulars" showed up. A couple of moms told me that I'm famous on facebook but I don't think I want to read what people say about my programs because it would make me really upset if there was something bad. One more week of summer, then hoping things calm down a little for the fall...

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