Saturday, July 26, 2014

toddler time: row, row, row your boat!

Our theme for Toddler Time today was BOATS.

Mystery Box: When we opened the yellow box, we found a boat, which is perfect because I also brought my sailor hat!

We passed out colorful cardstock boats to all the kids and sang:

Put your boat up high
Put your boat down low
Hold your boat & turn around
Put your boat up high
Put your boat down low
Put your boat on the ground.

We also used our boats for this song:

Riding around in my little pink boat
Riding around in my little pink boat
Riding around in my little pink boat

Books We Read:
Boat Works- Slaughter (I thought my kids would enjoy the big fold out pages but no one seemed very interested??!!)
Row Row Row Your Boat – Ellwand (this version has cute teddy bear illustrations but I also love Jane Cabrera’s new take)
Boats- Barton 

Felt Board: Five Sailboats

Version #1 (
Five little sailboats bright and shiny clean/ one tipped over, it was green
Four little sailboats with all sails spread/ one sailed into a storm, it was red
Three little sailboats what a beautiful sight/ one bumped into a whale, it was white
Two little sailboats coming close for a view/ one smashed into the rocks, it was blue
One little sailboat now a lonely fellow/ he sailed home, he was yellow

Version #2 (

(tune: Five Little Ducks)

Five sailboats went out one day
Over the waves and far away
With the wind, they begin to rock
One sailboat returns to the dock

Four sailboats...

Puppets: Row Row Row Puppet Version

I planned to do this continuation after I finished reading the Ellwand book but things were just too wild and I decided to start the craft/playtime part of the program instead. This was the song I would have used with a variety of hand puppets:

Row row row your boat
Row it all around!
If you see a ________ there
Make a _______ sound!

My puppets included a lion, a pig, a dog and a cat.

Craft #1: Sailor Bears

I wanted to give them something to color while I passed out the other craft materials so everyone got a bear with a white sailor hat to glue on his head. I just used clipart from the web for this. 

Craft #2: Pool Noodle Boats

I was so excited about this craft! I got a few pool noodles from the dollar store and sliced them up with a butter knife. I used my pointy scissors to make a hole for a straw. I cut triangles from foam sheets and hole punched them so we could attach a straw. SO perfect for the bath tub or pool!

Many of our regular kids did not attend today and many children seemed like they’d all eaten a ton of sugary food on their way to the library. There was a lot of running, crying and screaming. No one really stayed for playtime and everyone cleared out like 15 minutes earlier than usual. I think everyone enjoyed the crafts though.


  1. What is the tune for the song, "Put your boat up high"?

    1. I just say that instead of singing it.