Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the mad hatter's Alice in Wonderland tea party

Our library's summer reading theme is "Reading is a Wonderland" so I decided to plan a special tea party program this month. 

One of our student volunteers is a dancer and her school had just done an Alice themed dance so they offered to perform it at our tea party. The first song was called "Welcome to the Tea Party" so we kicked things off with a very special dance performance!

Next up was storytime! I found three cute tea party themed books: Molly Idle's Tea Rex, Ruby's Tea for Two by Rosemary Wells, and Tea Party Rules by Ame Dyckman. 

Then, we moved from the storytime carpet to the tables for refreshments. We served a variety of individually wrapped cakes and bottles of water with tags that read "Drink Me!" 

We had two crafts: for older children, we had accordion hats with feathers and foamies AND a rabbit/hat puppet craft for our younger guests.

Accordion hats from OTC, t puppet craft & tea party tickets

Feathers & foamies from OTC

We also offered a photo booth with Alice related props and a game of "Pin the Nose On the Cheshire Cat".

Everyone who tried our game won a smencil! 

Photo Props (purchased on Etsy, then printed, laminated, & attached to wooden dowels from Amazon.

Our photo area

Our tea party program was a great success. Everyone had a wonderful time and we got lots of positive feedback from the parents. 

My favorite things were: the accordion hats (adorable!), the Cheshire Cat game (so fun!) and most of all, the dancers! Their costumes and makeup were great & they acted very professional. Alice even stayed for the entire program & took lots of pics with the kids. 

An amazing day! Thanks to my entire team for pitching in to help me pull this off. I could not do this stuff without them.

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