Friday, July 25, 2014

baby & me: peekaboo you!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found my Folkmanis Monkey in a Barrel puppet so we played PEEKABOO with him!

Where is Monkey? Peekaboo!
Where is Monkey? Peekaboo!
Where is Monkey? Peekaboo!
Peekaboo to Monkey!
(tune: Skip to My Lou)

Books We Read: 
Peekaboo Blueberry- Saltzberg
Peekaboo Baby- Miller
Peek-a-Moo- Cimarusti

Flannel Story: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

I hid a little felt bear behind one of four colorful blankets. We sang, “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Are you hiding under there?” until we found our bear.

Puppet: See Monkey in a Barrel song above.

Great turnout today, lots of babies! One of my moms told me that the "Oh, I Wish I Was a Little Bar of Soap" song that we sing every week is the only thing that calms her baby down when she is fussy. Her whole family sings it and they even made up additional verses! Thanks to Jbrary for this wonderful song; it makes me so happy to know that my Baby class is having a positive impact.

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