Friday, July 18, 2014

baby & me: it's my party!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a BALLOON, which was great for our BIRTHDAY/PARTY theme today! What color is our balloon? Pink! Let's blow up our balloon!

Books We Read: 
Hi Blueberry- Saltzber
Where Is Baby’s Birthday Cake- Katz
I Love Birthdays – Walker

Cute Birthday Rhyme:

Big birthday cake 
(make huge circle with arms)

Ice cream in a dish
(cup hands)

Here are the candles
(wiggle hands on one hand)

Now make a wish!
(blow and make fingers into a fist)


Flannel Story: Birthday Mouse (variation on Little Mouse)

I love my “Little Mouse, Little Mouse” felt board so I just switched it up a little for today’s BIRTHDAY theme.

We said: Birthday Mouse, Birthday Mouse, are you in the yellow house? 
We finally found our mouse, who was wearing a very cute party hat!

Puppet: Mice in a Red Box puppet (Folkmanis)

Folkmanis Mice in Box Puppet

My red box is a present
But it isn’t what you think
There are three little friends inside
With noses that are pink

Can you guess what they are?
They are three white mice
With their long white tails
Don’t they look nice?

But they like their home 
As you can see
they’re going back in
So say good bye in 1 2 3 

Lots of babies for today's class & the room seemed a little noisy at times but things went pretty well! This was a fun theme.

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