Tuesday, July 8, 2014

alice in wonderland craft

Our Summer Reading theme this year is "Reading Is A Wonderland!" The staff created some beautiful artwork to display around our branch including a Cheshire Cat sitting in a tree, the Mad Hatter, and Alice herself, of course!

I wanted to schedule some Wonderland-related programs and crafts for kids and first up is a Paper Pocket Watch. It was kind of difficult to find ideas that would appeal to both boys and girls that were fairly inexpensive and easy to execute. Luckily, I found this adorable pocket watch craft idea here.

First, I found a good shape that I could use for the watch and copied it onto yellow cardstock. Next I found some watch clipart for the face of the watch. I also cut plain white circles so the kids could draw their own artwork that we could place in the other half of the watch when opened. We encouraged them to decorate their watches any way they wanted and provided adhesive foam letters in case they wanted to put their initials on the front.

Supplies for today's craft

Our finished product!

About 14 kids attended our program and we had a great time!

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