Monday, June 16, 2014

toddler time: colors

Our theme for Toddler Time today was COLORS! 

Mystery Box: When we opened the yellow box, we found a three bean bags. What COLORS are they? Red, yellow & blue!

We passed out bean bags and sang:
Hold your bean bags up high
Hold your bean bags down low
Hold your bean bag & turn around
Hold your bean bags up high
Hold your bean bags down low
Put your bean bags on the ground.

We also used our bean bags for the song Going to Kentucky. We waved them around and shook them up & down. This was a last minute idea but this song is GREAT for bean bags!

Books We Read:
I Say, You Say: Colors
Brown Bear, Brown Bear – Martin/Carle
Lemons Are Not Red - Seeger

Flannel Story: Teddy Wore a Red Shirt (borrowed from Sunflower Storytime!)

First, I showed the kids Teddy and explained that he needed some clothes. How about a shirt? Here’s one, what color is it? Red!

Teddy wore a red shirt, red shirt, red shirt
Teddy wore a red shirt all day long!

Repeat with blue pants, white socks, green shoes, & yellow hat.

Puppet Song: “Brown Bear” Puppet Show

I discovered this amazing idea here (TONS of great puppet ideas on this blog!) & it sounded like fun. So after we finished reading the Carle/Martin book version, I started pulling puppets from my big straw box to continue the story. First up was... White Mouse, so we sang “White Mouse, White Mouse, what do you see? I see a Green Grasshopper looking at me…” It was lots of fun and so easy!


I found this template on and its perfect for my Brown Bear Book theme. We colored it and glued it to a small paper plate. I handed out red ribbons for hangers if they wanted. Quick and easy! There are lots of great ideas for this book on their website.

This was one of my best programs ever! Books, puppets, craft and felt board were perfect! LOVE my new bean bags too; I think they will get a lot of use here! 

After playtime, one mom was changing her baby and she said, “Thank you so much for having this program every week!” I think the parents really appreciate a free weekly class that gets them out of the house as well as the opportunity to interact with some adults. A great day!

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