Friday, June 13, 2014

baby & me: just ducky!

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a DUCK! What does a duck say? Quack quack!

Books We Read: 
I Love Ducklings (Touch & Feel)
Quick Duck- Mary Murphy
5 Busy Ducklings- Rookie Toddler

Flannel Story: Where Is Baby Duck?

I made 4 felt eggs and a little felt duck that I hide behind one of the eggs. We say “ Baby Duck, are you behind the blue egg?” until we find the duckling.

Puppet: Yellow Duck (see photo above)
I have the song “Six Little Ducks” on one of my cds that I like to use this puppet for.

The largest group EVER today with close to 30 babies. Things were actually ok and not terribly chaotic! I am seriously considering offering a 10 am session in addition to the 11 am. At least then I would feel like I’m offering an alternative to the crowds. 

I’m back this week from a 10 day vacation and everyone was so kind & happy to see me. Several moms complimented me with nice things like “This is what you were born to do!” and “This huge group is a testament to the great job you do.” So nice to be appreciated!

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