Tuesday, May 27, 2014

toddler time: a perfect picnic!

Our theme for Toddler Time today was PICNICS! 

Mystery Box: When we opened the yellow box, we found NOTHING! But Mr Frog told me to check the big basket and there we found…a picnic basket! (Really just an empty tissue box covered with paper)

We sang and clapped to:

Going on a picnic, gonna pack a lunch

Going on a picnic, I wonder what we’ll munch? (found this cute idea at the amazing Sunflower Storytime blog)

There was lots of yummy food (from sweetclipart.com) to eat in our basket: a sandwich! Who likes sandwiches? A pretzel – who likes pretzels? Now I’m thirsty, how about some lemonade? And a watermelon – who likes that? A cupcake – does anybody like those? Oh wait, here’s a strawberry! Oh no, there’s something on it, can you see what it is? Bugs? Yes, there are ants on my strawberry! Looks like a bunch of ants crashed our picnic. There are tons of ants in our basket. Would anyone like to hold one? 

I passed out ants and we sang:

Hold your ants up high
Hold your ants down low
Hold your ant & turn around

Hold your ants up high
Hold your ants down low
Put your ant on the ground

Books We Read:

Mouse’s First Summer- Thompson
The Watermelon Seed- Pizzoli
Bunny’s Garden

Flannel Story: See picnic story above

Puppet: The Watermelon Seed

I used my crocodile puppet (from Aurora, purchased on amazon.com) to tell this story. It is tricky to turn the pages while holding the puppet so he would pop up once in a while! 

I used a pom pom for the seed like suggested here. I was nervous because it didn’t always work during my practice runs but I think it went ok. Some people were laughing so that was good.

I found this wonderful idea on a great blog: Storytime with Miss Tara and she explains it much better than I ever could.

Craft: Watermelon Person

I found this cute idea here and fell in love! so I pre-cut the pieces from green and red construction paper. I cut strips for the arms and legs & handed out sticky eyes. I originally planned to use black glitter for the seeds but there was just too many people so i let them draw the seeds in crayon instead. No one seemed to mind!

This was my biggest toddler time ever with 25 kids. I usually prepare 24 crafts and have a couple left over but today I was short one so I had to run to my office & cut one on the fly. Thankfully, it was an easy fix. With the Memorial Day holiday, I wasn’t sure how many people to expect. This was a fun theme and I was happy with most of my choices. The craft turned out really adorable.

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