Tuesday, May 13, 2014

preschool fun: shapes!

Today our theme was SHAPES.

Books We Read:
Peek in My Pocket- Carter
Mouse Shapes- Walsh
Shape of My Heart- Sperring
Lots of Dots - Frazier
It Looked Like Spilt Milk- Shaw

Flannel Story: The Shape Story

I found this cute story on Little Story Bug’s youtube channel. Miss Tracey has soo many great videos posted! Check it out here.

Craft: Shape necklace

I found these cute foam beads in a cabinet a few weeks ago. So perfect for today’s theme! Kids really enjoyed placing the colorful shapes onto their strings (with a little help from mom!)

Much of my program took place during a little boy's temper tantrum so it was not an easy morning. I felt so badly for the parent; it was distracting. The craft was probably the best part of the program but my favorite books were Peek in My Pocket (a last minute addition!) and Lots of Dots. Shape of My Heart was super fun and the kids really enjoyed the illustrations.

While we were working on the shape necklaces, one little boy and his mom discussed the colors of each shape as they strung their pieces onto the string and I heard him say the star was “green like Miss Amy’s eyes!” So cute!

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