Friday, May 23, 2014

baby & me: if the shoe fits...

Mystery Box: Inside our yellow box, we found a shoe. Are you wearing SHOES today? 

Oh, I think someone is hiding in this shoe! It’s a mouse. Let’s play peekaboo with Mousie.

Where is Mousie? PeekaBOO! 
Where is Mousie? PeekaBOO! 
Where is Mousie? PeekaBOO! 
Peekaboo to Mousie!

Books We Read: 
One Two Buckle My Shoe- Cabrera
Shoe Baby- Dunbar

Flannel Story: Little Lou

I made 4 felt shoes and a little felt dog that I call Lou. I hide Lou behind one of the shoes & we look for him.

Little Lou, Little Lou
Are you hiding under this yellow shoe?

Puppet: Folkmanis Mouse in a Shoe (see above)

I found this on ebay a couple of weeks ago & knew it was perfect for my shoe related books & programs.

Another large group today but the rearrangement of the furniture helped. One poor mother came in late with two crying kids which did NOT help. I liked the puppet and flannel board for this theme but wasn’t crazy about the books I had. Need better shoe books!

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