Tuesday, April 29, 2014

toddler time: chicken dance

Our theme for Toddler Time today was CHICKENS!

Mystery Box: When we opened the yellow box, we found a white egg with a little yellow chick inside. What does a chick say? Cheep cheep!

We sang:
I’m a little chick inside an egg
I’m always sleeping, snoring away!
Soon you’ll hear a pecking, pecking sound
The egg will crack & I’ll pop out!
(tune: I’m a Little Teapot)
-credit Preschool Education

We handed out yellow paper chicks to everyone and said this rhyme:

Put your chicks up, put your chicks down.
Hold your chick & turn around.
Put your chicks up, put your chicks down.
Put your chick on the ground.

Books We Read:
Hurry Hurry- Bunting (invited kids and parent to join in on this one and everyone did!)
Charlie Chicken- Denchfield (LOVED it, perfect for our group)
Whose Chick Are You? – Tafuri (no time today)

Flannel Story: Unhatched Egg

I love this little rhyme and I thought it would be great with matching clip art on the flannel board. We said it twice. Clip art from sweetclipart.com.

What does a rooster say? COCKADOODLE DOO!
What does a hen say? CLUCK CLUCK!
What does a chick say? CHEEP CHEEP!
What does an egg say? (silence)
Good, now we’re ready for our next story!

Puppet: Hen on the Nest

I found this idea on a wonderful blog about story time props called Simple Storytime Puppetry.

First, I brought out my hen puppet and told the kids that she needed to lay some eggs today so we needed to sing a special song:

The hen on the nest goes cluck cluck cluck,
cluck cluck cluck
cluck cluck cluck
The hen on the nest goes cluck cluck cluck when she lays an egg!
(tune: Wheels on the Bus)

Then we check her nest and find…NOTHING!

So we sang it louder and …NOTHING

So we tried it again even LOUDER and still…NOTHING!

Finally, the hen whispers in my ear and tells me to look in my big storytime box and I reveal a basket filled with colored eggs. Each child takes one and inside they find a cute yellow chick made of felt. Very fun!

Of course, no chicken themed program would be complete without Laurie Berkner’s I Know a Chicken song so I passed out shakey eggs and we sang this song while waving our eggs and chickens in the air. Awesome!

Craft: Hand print chicks

I handed out yellow construction paper and asked the parents to trace the child’s hands, cut them out and glue them to yellow paper circles. We attached beaks and feet, and created adorable chicks to take home! Everyone loved this project but I cannot take all the credit since I found this idea here.

Our group today was slightly smaller than last week, thank goodness! They were very enthusiastic so it was a fun class. I felt like everything was perfectly planned (which so rarely happens!) and resulted in a wonderful program.

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